The castle of Rocca Cilento

An ancient story for a castle that is one of the largest in Italy. This is the Castle of Rocca Cilento, a fraction of the municipality of Lustra, which belonged to the Sanseverino family. In 2016 the structure was purchased by the entrepreneur Stefano Sgueglia and, after major recovery interventions, it was returned to tourists and visitors passing through the ancient road between Paestum and Velia.

Since 1119, when it is inserted in the fortified walls of the Sanseverino castle, even if documents attest to its existence even earlier, around 963 and 994, the different properties, one after the other over time, have changed and adapted their use and purpose. of this historic residence. In 2010 it definitively passed into the hands of the Sgueglia family, already owner of the Castle of Limatola in the province of Benevento, which will give life to a powerful work of revitalization and rebirth.

The Castle welcomes its guests in refined suites with exclusive services, each with a unique style and a strong identity, designed to enhance the architecture and materials of the place and meet the needs of each client, always guaranteeing the comfort of a luxury boutique hotel, immersed in unspoiled nature but at the same time just a few minutes from the coast and the blue sea of Cilento.

Emmeti furnished one of the banquet rooms in June this year where weddings and all important ceremonies are held with the Line 3 metallo collection.