simply elegant

Contemporary Déjà vu.
Classic lines, modern spirit. The AVA seating collection focuses on a pure graphic design, frank but sophisticated, that releases elegance in every detail.


modern classic

The reinterpretation of a classic piece , to break the mold.
BIS collection is inspired by the timeless Bistrot chair revolutionizing its shapes, mixing the most formal elegance with a strongly minimalist design, constantly poised between classic and contemporary.


astonishing beauty

Provocation and aesthetics, inspired by a flap of wings.
The BUTTERFLY collection incorporates the soft and harmonious shapes of a butterfly transforming them into a series of elegant and seductive seatings, which amaze with their stylized and elegant feature.


iconic creativity

Sinuous lines like a hug, unpredictable like creativity.
The geometries of the CLIP collection arise from an intuition, a creative impulse: the shapes of a common object such as a paper clip, are transformed and become protagonists of an iconic and enveloping collection.


mesmerizing shapes

A maze to get lost in.
DEDALO is a collection of tables characterized by rigid and minimal lines, which converge together towards a single point, the center, creating a structural harmony in which you can get lost.


reassuring shapes

When beauty becomes an icon.
is a collection of chairs that stands out for the essential shapes and seductive curves, which create a game of comfort and softness to which it s impossible to resist.


lucid dream

A dream where to abandon onself.
The DREAM collection proposes a series of seatings in which clean and essential shapes create harmonious lines that meet with the solidity of refined materials, to create a light and enveloping seating like a dream.


vintage soul

Vintage character.
is a timeless collection inspired by a not too distant past which revisits it with unmistakable shapes and a refined design, to make each seat unforgettable and unique.


playful charm

In constant balance.
The seatings of the ELA and ELA S collection have a secret, a characteristic sign that makes their design iconic and timeless: a X that defines the shape and the aesthetics.


extraordinary ordinary

Essential forms , bursting spirit.
JAZZ collection digs into the simplicity of everyday’s life and rewrites the rules of contemporary seating, evolving geometries and raising them to functional and recognizable design objects.


contemporary fun

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously.
The KAFFA collection speaks a modern , ironic , outspoken language. Classic geometries are contrasted with fun fabrics, for a unique and irreverent design.

Line legno

solid shape

Each shape begins with a line.
The LINE LEGNO collection combines the warm and retro taste of wood with a modern and versatile design, with multiple colors, in which the line is the leitmotif of each seating. 

Line metallo

elegant geometry

Each shape begins with a line.
LINE METALLO is a collection based on the harmonious meeting of lines, which in their union create seats that evoke lightness and freedom. The different types of backrest tell of different places and moments.


cold temptation

Nordic influences and Parisian charm.
The NIRVANA collection tells the meeting of two distant but complementary characters: on one hand the Scandinavian rigidity, its rigor, on the other hand the typical seduction of Paris, its charm.


charming waves

Sinuous forms like the sea waves.
The OLA seating collection is dynamic, harmonious, enveloping. A design whose lines chase each other giving life to elegant shapes and in constant movement.


lovely math

From a mathematical symbol a playful and enjoyable collection, which always knows how to be elegant and welcoming. PIGRECO is a line of seatings full of details that emriched the personality of the design.


charismatic simplicity

Sober harmonies and timeless design.
SHAPE is a collection that focuses on formal simplicity to create functional and aesthetically elegant seatings, without any need to exceed.


wooden dream

Nature that inspires design.
The simple geometries and the elegance of the seating of THEA collection are enhanced by wood, the undisputed protagonist of this line.


timeless elegance

The dolce vita comfort .
The 50s revived in the TIME and TIME-S seatings, two collections that make contemporary the lines and the style of those years , in a unique embrace.


boundless seduction

The charm of design.
The geometries of the VANITY collection create a game of shapes that fascinate anyone who looks at them, inviting you to sit in an enveloping embrace.