An exceptional location for the Ela seats from glam_ee.

“We are in the heart of the historic center of Treviso, in the charming Vicolo Barberia, just a stone’s throw away from the shops of Calmaggiore and Piazza dei Signori. A magical, welcoming atmosphere with an ancient flavor. A place where Tiramisù takes center stage, and it is from this dessert that it takes the name ‘Treviso Tiramisù.’ Inaugurated on September 30th, ‘Treviso Tiramisù‘ hosts, in a renovated historic building, a masterful interior design project curated by the Paolo Lucchetta studio, specialized in Retail Architecture and Design for social and commercial spaces.

Some design elements have been specifically created by Emmeti Contract. In this context, the Ela seats seamlessly integrate with a soft velvet covering in various color shades that group the seats in different environments, and the structure in matte gold paint. The result is a calm and relaxing atmosphere where history and contemporaneity coexist in a single space.

Words become lines, lines become architectures, and in architectures, people live.

Paolo Lucchetta

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